ET Solar Rebrands As EliTe Solar

05 Sep 2023

ET Solar Inc. ("ET Solar"), a California-based corporation, is excited to announce our global re-branding as EliTe Solar, effective immediately. With over 15 years of experience as a trusted supplier of solar modules in the US market and nearly 20 years in global markets, we are updating our brand to reflect the "elite" nature of our products and services.

EliTe Solar's PV modules continue to deliver exceptional performance and quality that our partners and customers have come to associate with ET Solar. This re-branding emphasizes the strong position our products hold in the market.

As of August 2023, EliTe Solar owns and operates 3.5 GW of cell/module manufacturing capacity in Vietnam and Cambodia. Additionally, we are in the process of constructing 5 GW of ingot/wafer manufacturing capacity, which will be co-located with our cell manufacturing facility in Vietnam. The US market remains our primary focus, and our products have been successfully utilized in various large-scale utility projects across the country. Our company and its products have undergone rigorous diligence and vetting by independent engineering services, as well as our customers, lenders, and tax equity investors.

During an interim period, EliTe Solar was listed on the Q3 2023 BNEF Tier 1 list as "ET Solar Inc / Elite Solar." It's important to note that this re-branding does not impact our legal or shareholding structure, nor does it affect our manufacturing locations.

"The product warranty, parent guaranty, and other contracts provided under the name of 'ET Solar' are always valid for our customers. Our decision to re-brand is a reflection of our commitment to providing value to our customers in every aspect of our business," stated Alex Chen, General Manager of EliTe Solar Inc. EliTe Solar's focus on performance and service is supported by PVEL's PQP testing reports (available upon request) and the positive feedback we receive from our customers regarding our "elite" level of sales, logistics, and customer service.

For questions please visit EliTe Solar’s booth # 3738 in RE+ or contact: