ET Solar Attended Intersolar North American 2020

09 Feb 2020

The 13th international solar technology exhibition, Intersolar North America, was held in San Diego Convention Center, United States from February 04, 2020 to February 06, 2020. ET Solar presented two products in the show to the North American market. The most attractive product is ET-M672BH400GL (ET Solar dual glass design bifacial modules). The 400w bifacial module significantly saves BOS cost for ET clients.

As in December, 2019 US government decided to include bifacial module in the list of 201 tariff exemption. "No matter what happened in the future, bifacial will be the mainstream product for utility scale project in United States". Said Alex Chen, team lead of ET Solar North American.

"North American is an important market for ET Solar's global strategy. ET-M672BH400GL will bring additional performance and savings for project developers/owners and EPC in North American," said Alex Chen. "Customer service is one of the most important measurement for module supplier, in order to better serve our US customer, we built up a new global cloud supply chain in Southeast Asia mainly in Vietnam and Cambodia."

During the conference of exhibition, ET Solar held in-depth discussions with customers and partners, established win-win cooperation for long term partnership with clients in US market.