ET Solar: Module Price Won'T Be Affected By The Coronavirus

05 Mar 2020

The updated release on Friday Feb. 28th from ET Solar stated that its module price will not be impacted by Coronavirus.
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in December 2019, the China PV supply chain has been affected by labor shortages, BOM delays and potential price increases on certain components and materials, and delivery challenges. Although the epidemic has been effectively controlled currently, it will still require some time for the supply chain to be fully restored. According to Liu Yiyang, deputy secretary general of China photovoltaic industry association, the current epidemic has brought a great impact on the production of photovoltaic companies, the silicon wafer companies work resumption rate are from 70% to 100%, the module and cell companies work resumption rates are relatively affected, around 60%, and the minimum work resumption rate of raw material suppliers is only 30%.
Recently ET Solar signed an urgent solar module supply agreement with Tata Power, which is part of India’s largest group of companies. In order to deliver the goods on time, under the pressure of increased raw material, labor and transportation costs, ET Solar is actively coordinating with suppliers, organizing production and has regained its 90% Chinese OEM production capacity and 80% Vietnam and Cambodia factory capacity. ET Solar promised TATA to deliver the first batch of the order in early March. The final delivery will be completed in Mid-March. TATA has expressed great affirmation and recognition for ET Solar's positive response and effective solutions in solving the problems of production and transportation during this extraordinary period.


"Despite the increased costs of production and transportation by the outbreak of coronavirus, we still keep our commitments: customer first, and quality first, and ET will not raise its price on our customers during this extraordinary period." said Tommy Li, sales director of ET Solar India. "We believe the outbreak of coronavirus can be fully controlled soon and we hope to work with our customers to tide over the tough time."