ET Solar Is Fighting Against COVID-19

01 Apr 2020

COVID-19 is just one virus. Climate change impacts will bring many new illnesses, as we have seen from the spread of the Zika virus. There are possibly viruses lying dormant in the melting permafrost, now. There will be existing illnesses related to water and air quality, land use and agriculture that are exacerbated by climate. There will be increased flooding, tornadoes and wildfires. We won’t have the luxury of dealing with them one at a time, since they are coming at us with a random and unpredictable speed and intensity.
The company mission of ET Solar is to build a clean energy ecosystem for the world. Over the past two months, the COVID-19 crisis has already wreaked major havoc across the world. ET Solar is nevertheless preparing protective articles and ET Solar’s Chinese team are sharing the protection experience and donating marks to the overseas countries.
"During this challenging time, we are working for continuously ship thousands of masks to our employees, customers, partners and broader society in North America, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and other overseas countries." Said Alex Chen, company head of ET Solar Inc. "We are not just a module supplier now and we are all in this together to fight against the virus."