BNEF Ranks ET Solar "Top Improvers" Bankable In Its 2022 Report

02 Dec 2022

The BloombergNEF released the “PV Module and Inverter Bankability 2022”, which collected 28 survey responses from banks, funds, solar engineering contractors, independent power producers and technical advisers with global coverage, reflecting banks' willingness to provide term loans for PV projects using specific module brands.


According to the report, the ranking of ET Solar increased from 36 to 17, and its bankability reached 61%, an increase of 33% compared with 2021. Within just one year, ET Solar has achieved explosive growth with outstanding performance in the global PV market which is undergoing rapid technological revolution, rapid expansion of production capacity and output, and has been highly recognized by the capital market.


Good reputation comes from long-term diligent and conscientious efforts, ET Solar has been continuously listed as "BNEF Tier 1(since 2012)" and "PVEL Top performer (2021-2022)", and awarded as "EUPD USA Top Brand" in 2022. The series of honors represents the enhancement of ET Solar’s brand credibility and market competitiveness, as well as the international recognition for the high quality of the products. The significant improvement in the ranking means that more banks will be willing to provide non-recourse loans to power generation projects using ET Solar PV modules in the future, making it easier for developers to obtain bank financing.


ET Solar, as a vertical integrated manufacturer focus on global valuable market, under the background of COVID-19, insist on serving customers with high-quality products, achieving on-time delivery with stable supply, turning difficulties into opportunities, developing high-value markets such as North America, Europe and India, and expanding manufacturing capacity in Southeast Asia with vertical integration of wafer, cell and module industries, to build a green and low-carbon era with partners.
ET Solar——Lighting the future!