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Going with Light, Running with Faith

Building an industry-leading supply chain ecosystem

Bidding Scope

Creating value for customers at optimal cost and service

  • Fixed Assets
    • Production Process Equipment

      Texturing/Etching Cleaner、Diffusion Furnace、PECVD、Screen Printing Machine、Soldering Machine、EL Testing Machine、Laminating Machine、Pipeline Equipment etc.

    • Production Equipment/Facilities

      Production equipment, including auxiliary, inspection, power, transport, and other facilities

    • Non-production Related Equipment/Facilities

      Other equipment/facilities

    • Maintenance and retrofit

      Technical upgrade, maintenance, transformation, commissioning and installation of equipment/facilities

  • Infrastructure Projects
    • Civil Engineering

      To construct, rebuild, expand, renovate buildings and structures, including the demolition of concrete foundations and walls, the construction of drainage ditches, and interior decoration.

    • Mechatronics Engineering

      Mechanical and electrical installation of production or power equipment/facilities, including secondary distribution and disassembly of equipment/facilities, piping installation and disassembly, etc.

    • Security Engineering

      Installation and reconstruction of fire safety system in the factory, including access control, video surveillance installation, dismantling, etc

  • Outsourcing Service
    • Engineering Consulting

      The design, cost audit, supervision, and survey of engineering projects

    • IT Services

      Procurement and maintenance of information management software

    • Market Activity Services

      Exhibition booth design, construction,company team-building activities

    • Consulting / Advisory Services

      Other consulting/advisory services

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Bidding Process

Jointly building a green industry ecological chain

  • 01
    Project approval
  • 02
    Bidding kick off meeting
  • 03
    Pre-qualification and bid evaluation
  • 04
    Invitation for bids
  • 05
    Organize Q&A
  • 06
    Bid collection
  • 07
    Bid opening、 Bid evaluation
  • 08
    Bid negotiation
  • 09
    Notification of award